weekly food deliveries

One of our key services is healthy, prepared meals.

Chef's Statement

I love great, well-prepared food cooked by someone passionate about cooking who absolutely loves good food themselves. I think it’s one of the ultimate and yet simple great pleasures in life.

As I got older (wiser?), I began to realize the benefits of food not only for pleasure, but also as fuel and even medicine in some cases.

However, with busy schedules, kids, and a world of other commitments, it’s tough to focus on healthy eating. The solution? Home-delivered, healthy, delicious foods that you can mix & match to your needs.

These home delivery foods are meant to provide a healthy escape valve to avoiding poor choices and overeating. They are also designed to help you create and customize your own meals, taking out the tedious part and allowing you to enjoy.

These foods are simply seasoned with lower sodium, etc. This allows you to add seasoning to your tastes, whether additional salt, salsas, sauces or even additional vegetables. 

Mix and match these foods as you like. I personally suggest:

  1. Prepare a small thermal box daily that allows you to replace poor choices with convenient, healthy foods,

  2. Use the food as replacement meals to reduce hunger and stabilize blood sugars, and

  3. Use our foods along with supplemental shakes & supplements to kickstart a diet or new eating regimen.

  4. Or use as the perfect gift of health!

Bon apetit!



Photos representative of past meals (not all choices are available weekly)