Spectrum Culinary offers a wide range of chef services in Orange County, California, including consulting for professional kitchens, personal chef services, event management, cooking coaching & lessons, as well as kitchen establishment & setup.


Personal Chef Services

Let Spectrum Culinary provide you with personal chef services – full- and part-time, short- or long-term, to locations locally or internationally.

Spectrum Culinary has decades of experience working in many of Orange County and Los Angeles’s finest homes providing exquisite food and services, meeting the highest standards. We are focused on delicious yet healthy cooking, and provide for special needs diets as well.

Personal Chef services start first with a consultation. What are your goals? Health needs? Family or event needs? We then suggest a set of services, including customized meal plans as needed.

Private chef services may include but are not limited to:

  • Cooking and meal prep for snacks, breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • Menu planning
  • Grocery shopping
  • Execution and clean-up on a daily basis
  • Refrigeration/pantry organization and cleanliness
  • Home delivery

Flexibility is key: We can be in your kitchen on a daily basis, or provide weekly foods to take some of the pressure off cooking and unhealthiness of eating out. 

Let Spectrum Culinary provide clean, healthy proteins; prep organic vegetables; and stock you with base soups that let you create and enhance them to your own personal taste. We also provide organic grains cooked and lightly seasoned. Combined with healthy snacks, these basic foods can help you achieve greater balance in your eating and lifestyle. More info >

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Event Management

With over 25 years of experience and literally thousands of events for satisfied clients, Spectrum Culinary can help you choose and manage the right vendors for your event.

We start with helping you create goals and parameters for your event success. From there, we can help source vendors, including negotiating better pricing, and offering opportunities to save money from food & service, to rentals, to entertainment.

Let us help you make your guests comfortable by conducting site evaluations and designing event layout.

We can create realistic event timelines so your event runs smoothly. Why not feel like a guest at your own event!

Spectrum Culinary can also provide onsite event supervision & management from setup through execution and breakdown.

  • Event Management services may include:
  • Create goals and parameters for event success
  • Source vendors as needed
  • Negotiate for combination of best pricing and quality
  • Site evaluations
  • Event design layout
  • Create event timelines
  • Onsite event supervision and management from setup through breakdown
  • Coordinate details like food-in, food-out, parking, power sourcing, etc.

Spectrum Culinary's Chef Mark is one of Orange County's most experienced Event Managers, and we're available for a no obligation consultation to see if we can support your event goals. 

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Cooking Coach / Cooking Lessons

You have coaches for other areas of your life, so why not for one of the most important aspects of your life? 

Possible lessons 

Existing recipe and menu and improvements 

Technique, procedures and ingredient choice

Planning & execution of family eating plan

Improving kitchen efficiencies

Prep for dinner parties and larger gatherings

equipment choice and utilization

Learn to make your favorite dishes

Learn to cook efficiently to save precious time

Make cooking for yourself more rewarding

Learn to determine when foods are finished cooking 

Learn how to set and prepare yourself to execute a small dinner party with ease and lack of stress

Learn to prepare and make food a couple of times a week to have ready to serve meals for the whole week

Learn to choose quality products in your grocery store to save time and money in your cooking


Kitchen Assessment and Setup

Let Spectrum Culinary professionals set up your kitchen no matter what size to help you cook like a pro!

Depending on your level of skill or your particular needs, Spectrum Culinary can help you choose equipment, rearrange the layout and optimize your kitchen so that it functions at the highest level. Add this with some additional skills and techniques and your food and entertaining can reach new levels!


Kitchen, equipment and ingredient assessments

Action plan (available in stages) that allow you to gradually change the way you cook

We can help you get the most efficiency from the space you have.